25 February 2018

Digital innovation becomes meaningful only when we know the stories behind it

Algorithms, Big Data, machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence, they all have the capacity to lift the quality of our lives. Attempts to capture this potential are hampered by secrecy and mystification. It’s time to acknowledge that ‘Digitalization as a black box’ has become outdated. Openness, responsiveness and having a compelling narrative should be the new standard.

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20 March 2015

The true purpose of being purposeful

As we are living in the age of transformation once commonly held beliefs are evaporating. This is true for politics, society at large as well as economics. One of the most fundamental changes has to do with our ideas and beliefs about doing business. The homo economicus, the concept of profit maximization, the dominant logic of efficiency and the winner takes it all mentality, they’re all getting obsolete.

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